We thank our Countless volunteers for their kindness and dedication for making an impact.

2000 new donors needed immediately.

Donation is a hope For Million's of Lives that are in cruel hands of CORONAVIRUS & also for those who are compelled to isolate themselves without a penny in their pockets. For the sake of humanity please join Global Citizens Future donation program to bring Coronavirus to an End.

Please Help Us To Save People's Lives.

Donate Food, Medicine & Corona Virus test kits...

To Needy people Who are isolated at Home Due to Coronavirus.

Stay at home to stop Corona Virus spreading

What are the symptoms?

New, continuous dry cough

Fever (high temperature)

Shortness of breath

Our mission is to give life.

We are proud to save over 400 children in USA so far

We have ongoing support programs in USA making great impact in the quality of lifes of hundreds of well deserving children and their families.

Several developing countries are also deserving of our kindness

Our services reach far and wide where we’re needed the most, with emphasis on Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Carribeans.

Our Core Projects.

Nutrition Initiative for Malnourished Children

Malnutrition is often referred to as ‘the invisible crisis’, with 3.1 million children dying last year.....Read more

Emergency Relief Programs

Targeting the world’s most dangerous emergencies, we move in on countries..... Read more

Clean Water Initiative

For 663 million people globally, access to safe, clean water is simply non-existent..... Read more

Children’s Education

Millions of children around the world are currently out of school..... Read more

Free Dispensary for Low Income Families

We believe that immunization is essential in keeping a child alive..... Read more 

Let’s build a better world together turning starving children
into successful members of global society.

Support our projects... We need you.

Global Citizen Future is a Non Profit Organization Registered in USA with Tax ID: 47-5373577.

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Global Citizen Future is a charitable organization devoted to making the world a better place through various initiatives designed to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the world for generations to come. Whether you want to contribute with money or time, read more about our work and learn how you can make a change today.

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