Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by or on behalf of Global Citizen Future Charity Foundation. This Privacy Policy addresses the concerns visitors might have about the information they provide us. This policy may be changed or updated from time to time.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:

Global Citizen Future Charity Foundation,

60 Main Street # 839,

Woodbridge NJ USA.


Our Policy:

Global Citizen Future incorporates latest technologies to protect the privacy of our guests and donors online and offline.

Personal Information:

Global Citizen Future doesn’t share personal information of our donors with any third parties.

Financial Information:

Global Citizen Future doesn’t share personal information of our donors with any third parties.


Is my credit card and private data secure?

We place tremendous care in handling our donors personal and financial data. We go above and beyond industry standard of security protocol and cryptography to match all standard browsers. This extra precaution prevent any interception of personal and financial data shared with Global Citizen Future.


How is my personal data treated once a financial contribution is made?

We place donor data into our secure servers for any financial transaction. We  don’t share or sell donor’s personal data with any third parties. Any hard copies of the data is discarded/shredded in a secure and timely fashion.

How is my personal data treated once a donation is made through personal Check?

For checks and alternative payments, We enter donor data into our secure servers. Records of such checks are accessible only by a few approved officers.

How is my personal data collected and used?

There are multiple ways in which we collect your personal information:

Donor’s personal data is collected through secure forms on our website. We may use this information to provide updates on our projects with the permission of our users.

What data is being collected?

Global Citizen Future only gathers person recognizable information like names, addresses, email addresses, contact data, credit card data or alternative information—when you voluntarily submit it.

Name and Address are needed fields for finishing an online donation transaction.

Credit Card, E-Check and Check data is collected only for the purpose of donation transaction.


Any future changes to our Privacy policy are announced on our website to inform the public of those changes.