Currently serving in five projects


Nutrition Initiative for Malnourished Children

Millions of people are hungry and thirsty.

Malnutrition is often referred to as ‘the invisible crisis’, with 3.1 million children dying last year and affecting the physical and mental development of millions of others. Our feeding program targets one of our most vulnerable groups and aim to devote over 95% of our donations to break the cycle.

The World Bank reports that agricultural investment is twice as effective in reducing poverty, and we aim to do this by focusing our efforts on helping families and communities become more self-sufficient through sustainable agricultural projects. Over the years, the prices for staple foods such as wheat, rice and corn have increased more than 80%; staple foods necessary to feed billions of people around the world. With the help of micro-enterprise loans, vocational training and agricultural projects, families and communities will strengthen and foster, helping the world’s poorest people out of poverty and improve economic growth. Investing in agriculture also helps underdeveloped countries not only feed their people, but also help protect them against fluctuations in global food prices, fuel, financial crises and weather patterns.


Sponsor Children Education

Education cannot be a matter of charity. It has to be a matter of right.

Millions of children around the world are currently out of school, fundamentally missing skills that are essential for a child’s full development. An estimated 121 million children and adolescents are currently lacking ongoing education, due to financial restraints or repercussions of living in conflict-affected areas.

With your support, we work alongside partner organizations, communities and local government in providing these children with an education and a brighter future. With our partnership with abandoned children's’ homes and orphanages, we focus our efforts on ensuring that these children receive a quality education. Your donation will help train teachers and volunteers provide quality education whilst addressing the interconnected issues that prevent these children going to school.


Free Dispensary for Low Income Families

We need you the most for the cause of charity in health.

We believe that immunization is essential in keeping a child alive, yet the statistics are still worrying: two million children will die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases. It is also estimated that more than 30 million children are not immunized due to lack of resources, unavailability, or parents uninformed or misinformed about the benefits of vaccines.

Global Citizen Future funds immunization programs in places where it’s most needed. Through corporate partnerships, our team of volunteers administer vaccine shots and keep records on children. We also provide advice and health education to parents, and also sponsor shipments of much needed medicines in local hospitals.


Emergency Relief Programs

Education cannot be a matter of charity. It has to be a matter of right.

Targeting the world’s most dangerous emergencies, we move in on countries where we’re needed the most, quickly giving life-saving support and offering hope, whether they be a product of natural disasters, civil unrest or violence. We work with local networks where possible, with seasoned staff who know how to move in undetected and how to navigate potential problems along the way.

We provide assistance in places affected by earthquakes or severe storms, or countries displaced by conflict by providing safe drinking water, emergency kits, shelter and medical assistance. In addition to emergency relief, your funds will help establish a community after calamity - we’re there to give them advice and assist with long term goals and solutions to get the community back on their feet.


Clean Water Initiative

We believe in a world where every single person has Clear and Safe water.

For 663 million people globally, access to safe, clean water is simply non-existent. Water is needed for daily survival, yet 1 in 9 people live globally without it, locking communities into a cycle of poverty. Without water, crops for food won’t grow, houses won’t be built, bodies are malnourished and children are forced to walk to collect water instead of going to school.

We provide support in these communities without access to safe, clean water and sanitation. From building community water wells, spring protection and other water solutions across the sub-Saharan Africa, your donation and help will support and give hope to communities affected.

Thank you for your kind support